Morgan Skull Head Coin


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Similar to HOBO coins of the past but not the same… Note: Only 1 Coin comes with this purchase.  The images show both sides of the coins for illustration purposes.  Magicians always use the coin to make tricks or moves. The trick is definitely cool, however, the coin is not. Now, it’s okay. We have SKULL COINS. This is a novelty for sure but one that will intrigue and keep you interested long after most novelties have worn off. There is something about this coin – I can’t explain it. It’s just cool. It’s a great conversation piece and you wouldn’t believe how many people I have actually been able to make them believe this was a a real coin that was minted in very small quantity.

They are able to satisfy whatever you want.

  • Rigorous workmanship
  • Gorgeous patterns
  • Feeling likes silver
  • Size 30.6mm

SKULL COINS are supposed to be in every magician’s pocket.

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