Mother Of All Book Test – Schostag Estate (New Condition)


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PERFECT CONDITION!  Your chance to get the now out of stock no longer made Vol. #1 Hardbound MOABT! 

MOABT – Everything you’ve heard is true. The most direct and astonishing book test I have ever seen. No need to know the page number. A spectator is invited to take a readable and 100% examinable, 280 pages, 160,000 word novel, open it to any page and think of a word on that page. Without touching the book or approaching the spectator, you reveal the word in the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly must be seen to be believed. You never ask them the page number, you allow them to look anywhere on the page, they can change their mind right up to the time they send you the thought. Nothing to stare at, glance at, etc. Nothing extra is used. Only the book.

Mother Of All Book Tests is simple to perform, direct and powerful! It’s a true reputation maker as well as the mentalist’s dream come true for accomplishing this classic effect. It has proven to be ideal under every type of working condition. Worth thousands to the working professional.

Mother Of All Book Tests can be done close-up or on stage; on radio or TV.

  • It can be performed any time, anywhere; and it is instantly repeatable.
  • All pages are different. Nothing is written down.
  • There are no stooges of any kind. Everything may be examined.
  • No breaks; no glimpses; no forces; no prompters; no preparation; no angles; no peeks; no sleights; no anagrams; no gimmicks; no short pages; no counting; no skill required.

You receive a high-quality, 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 inch, 280 page Hardcover novel. with , color laminated non-curling cover. Plus a booklet of instructions with tips and handlings by members of New York City’s legendary Thirteen.

Ken Weber, award winning Mentalist/Hypnotist says, “After twenty years on the college circuit, my ESP/Hypnosis show is now hypnosis and one ESP effect – the Mother Of All Book Tests

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