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Magic Orthodoxy

IMPORTANT: There are 3 different Versions of the MOABT.  Scroll to VERY bottom of page to cross reference.

(From 2012) It has been two years since the release of the hugely successful Mother 2.0, and we are pleased to finally announce the release of the Mother of All Book Tests – Pocket Edition! For years, performers both professional and amateur, have been requesting a pocket-size version of the Mother for their walk-around and on-the-go performances.

We are happy to announce that this request has been met and has exceeded all expectations. Mentalists and magicians alike will be excited to learn that the Mother of All Book Tests-PE not only enables the user to perform the classic Mother routines, but, with the kind permission of Larry Becker, Flashback as well! Think about it. Two classic book tests in one portable, fully examinable book. With the kind permission of Josh Zandman, we have used antonyms in the Flashback segment of the book, thus guaranteeing an extra layer of subtlety for the discerning performer.

For those who own Mother 1.0 (hardcover “Fatal Sins”) there is nothing new to learn. The key words in MOABT-PE are the same as the original Mother. And the Flashback antonyms have been selected to require the minimal amount of thought. They are to say, automatic. So now, mentalists and magicians alike who would like to entertain their close-up audiences with a book test that conveniently slips inside a jacket pocket can now do so. The text size is nice and readable for those low-light settings you may find yourself in. And the line spacing is wider which makes it easier for them to see the long words.

Affordably priced at just $199, it is in a range for the working pros who wish to purchase back-up copies. This is something you will be using ALL of the time under virtually any and all conditions. It’s the perfect effect to take along when meeting with a new client or agent. Unlike the large version of the Mother, which is perfect for stage, MOABT-PE is compact for strolling performers at cocktail hours, parties, etc. As with all of our Mother releases, the Pocket Edition is produced with the utmost quality and geared to day-in and day-out usage. As a bonus, we are also including Ted K.’s reputation-making blister effect. This is directly from Ted’s close-up set and involves the use of the MOABT-PE. It is by far his most requested presentation in close-up settings. This blockbuster handling has been shared with a select few over the years and includes Ted’s thoughts on the various blister routines and gimmicks. Jack Kent Tillar (the creator of the original blister effect) was delighted with Ted’s commercial handling. We know you will be, too.

A spectator is invited to take a readable and examinable book, open it to any page, and to think of any word on that page. The performer, without touching the book or approaching the spectator, reveals the word in the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly has to be seen to be believed.

The ultimate any word on any page method. MOABT is so simple to perform, so direct, and so powerful. This is the book test a select group of professionals are using to amaze their audiences.

Can be performed for an audience of one to one thousand. Close up, walk-around, stage, radio and TV.

  • Anytime, anywhere.
  • All pages different.
  • Nothing written down.
  • No stooges, no preparation
  • No counting, no gimmicks, no angles
  • No prompters, no peeks, no
    glimpses, no sleights.
  • No anagrams, no forces, no short pages.

Pocket size paperback
Less weight, easier to carry around. The text is 11-point size so you and the spectator can see it in low lighting. Spacing (leading) of the lines is greater to provide more white space, making it easier for the spectator to read.

Larry Beckerʼs Flashback
Riffle the book and have them peek at the first word of the page. You instantly know what it is. Instead of repeating the word on the glimpsed (opposite) page, it uses an antonym principle. In other words, if the spectator sees the word ‘black,’ you’ll see the word ‘white.’

Adrian Bint ploy
No-pump handling of first letter.

Blister effect
Ted K.’s reputation-making blister effect. This is from his close-up set involving the use of MOABT-PE.

Q. What are the dimensions of the book?
A. Paperback size: 6.75 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, 0.6 inches deep. Weight: 8 oz.
Q. I have MOABT 2.0. What are the benefits of owning both 2.0 and PE?
A. You now have two different sets of long words. This means you can involve twice as many people, and read twice as many minds. MOABT 2.0 is tailored more to stage use with dozens of different effects and presentations. MOABT-PE is geared more towards closeup and walkaround situations.

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