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A simple introduction by Mark Stevens – Stevens Magic Emporium (SME): (Skip below for Ad Copy Sans Intro.)  Important: View ALL the Images – for detailed and specific ad copy.

Simple Absolute Truth – Without question the most requested book-test Stevens Magic Emporium (SME) has ever experienced over the years is Ted K’s, Mother Of All Book Test (MOABT), and for good reason. This is the perfect example and embodiment of the tremendous power of a brand, something that is so strong it makes an intense impression in the minds of top performers world-wide. It’s instantly recognized as “the” official and most revered book-test in all Magicdom – for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact it has been tried and tested for years by the best in the industry. In this new world of portability and transportation, this latest pocket edition opens up a plethora of new opportunities and venues previous impossible.

In doing so, this simple and small refinement has added exponentially to the power of this classic. This is “not” to say the traditional books are out dated – not at all – they have their rightful place in establishing equal credibility and amazement factor. They are also available at Stevens Magic Emporium – Version #1 and Version #2.  We carry the complete line of MOABT., as well as Ted’s hard to find Lecture Notes – “Thoughts from Vegas.”

Never before have we lived in a world where we have  so many choices and options.  From consumer goods to how we gather information and news and now how equal varieties of tools to engage and perform.  Never before have you as a performer had such a plethora of choices, as well as unique opportunities to make an intense impression. This pocket edition should be given strong consideration.

Straight To Ad Copy If Desired: Sans industry analysis and introspective. 

Ted Karmilovich changed the game forever with the Mother of All Book Tests. Since the first version, the MOAB has been a staple of countless mentalist acts across the globe. Now, the pocket edition is the next weapon in your book test arsenal that brings this work of genius into the realm of walk-around and on-the-go performing!

Thanks for being a true Illuminati in our world of Magic and Mentalism Ted.  – Joe Stevens

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