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We have sold this brand for years… Ever since I can remember as a little boy at the first retail shop. Therefore, we have remained loyal to this brand, and it’s not just us, many of our customer prefer them too.  Several years back, we introduced other options of mouth coils, when we had a brief period (about 5 months) where we couldn’t get our preferred brand.  I remember a lot of customers calling us saying “WE WANT THE OLD BRAND!”  While I can’t say for sure you will prefer them over what you have used in the past – I can say that many did and it goes to show, that just because it doesn’t have “up-to-date” packaging, doesn’t mean it’s not good!

Mouth coils: These are something that is needed in every act. These great mouth coils are the most popular coils that we have ever carried. They are approximately 25 ft. and not too difficult to place into the mouth. The magician gets an assistant on stage and performs a “do as I do” and tears up some tissue paper. After performer and assistant have torn up the tissue into small pieces, the magician places his pieces into his mouth. This always gets great laughs, as the assistant never wants to follow. The magician then takes pieces and places into his mouth and then pulls out a long rainbow streamer that never seems to end.

While the name is called “mouth coils” a lot of people produce them from their hands, or from a hat or special prop.  It’s just the classic effect was produced from the “mouth” hence the name “mouth coils.”

Includes 12 coils.

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