Mr Golden Balls by Ken Dyne – Estate – Primi

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Product Description

This is a real-world, professional routine from Ken’s working act.

Comes complete with various presentations from comedic to serious. This is a true worker of a routine that promises not just one, but two climaxes!

A bag of multi-colored, miniature pool balls is emptied out into someone’s hands and a Gold ball is introduced.

Having dropped the balls back into the bag, the performer invites 4 volunteers to reach inside the bag and remove one ball each, leaving the performer with a ball for himself.

After a suitable presentation (body language reading, lie detection, intuition, dowsing etc.), the performer identifies who is holding the Gold ball.

Then, as a kicker surprise, the performer shows that he predicted which colored ball would be left in the bag for him!

  • No ambiguity. You know exactly who picked the Gold ball.
  • No peeks. The bag is completely opaque.
  • No magnets.
  • No electronics.
  • The prediction can be displayed before the routine begins.
  • There are no multiple outs — there is only one prediction.
  • Basic written instructions are included in the box; full video instructions online.
  • Supplied complete with high-quality, solid resin balls produced to a custom size for this routine by a pool ball factory.
  • The bag is beautifully stitched to an even higher quality than the first version of Mr Golden Balls.
  • Downloadable graphics in PowerPoint and Keynote versions to make this play huge.
    Alternative handlings using alternative objects (instead of balls) to customize this fantastic, hard-hitting, surprising routine.

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