Mr. Smith’s Guide To Sleight of Hand by Wilfrid Johnson – Book 1945 – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Good Condition.

Lesson 1: On magic in general and sleight-of-hand in particular – some definitions – how to vanish a coin – the Flat Transfer
Lesson 2: The Palm-proper – the Palm Transfer – the Jonson Palm Transfer
Lesson 3: Le Tourniquet
Lesson 4: On Palming and Apparent Transfers – the Finger-palm Transfer – the Palm Transfer – the Roll Palm – the Palm Steal
Lesson 5: The Melting Coin – on Patter
Lesson 6: List of Properties – the Six Coin Trick
Lesson 7: The Finger-palm Fall – the Cap and Pence
Lesson 8: A Test of Nerve
Lesson 9: The Cups and Balls
Lesson 10: The Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Lesson 11: The Torn and Restored Paper
Lesson 12: The Billiards Ball Trick and its sleights
Lesson 13: With a silk handkerchief – the Roll palm – the Colour Change – the Soup-plate Trick
Lesson 14: The Four Coins – the Back-palm and the Coin Roll
Lesson 15: Conclusion

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