Muckless Muck – Gary Plants – Red Back


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Created by Jared Kopf and handmade by Gary Plants is based on.  A special card based on the brilliant ideas of Charles Jordan and Gaetan Bloom  Over the years several magicians have employed similar gimmicks for various card routines, but none have utilized the wonderful attributes of the Jordan/Bloom principle.

Effect: Holding a card in the palm so that it can’t be seen is one thing: invisibly switching it into play is another thing entirely….. At no point in “Muckless Muck” do you palm a card: in fact, at no point do you use any difficult sleight of hand. Yet this routine will convince practically anyone that you have the uncanny card-switching skills of a seasoned crossroader. The first phase can be done with any pack of playing cards: the second exploits a diabolical, precision-made gimmick. Both phases are good, quick tricks on their own; together, they are a concise, effective, magical routine.

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