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Stands as it’s own great accessory.  Or a great addition to any D’lite routine.  A great way to incorporate lighting effects for any show.  The Multi Tie provides a multitude of different lighting sequences which can easily be seen from stage.  

OR can also be the Perfect Accessory for the Viktor Voitko i-Lite Cup!  As an optional accessory to i-Lite Cup. Nothing catches attention more than light and with the Multi Color Tie you have a very unique prop that could be an essential ingredient into creating your own routine. Either on it’s own or used in conjunction with i-Lite Cups! You control the beginning of each action and you can start at the time of your show, when you need it. In the final of the standard i-Lite CUP routine, after you have drunk a colorful cocktail, you have multicolored lights flashing in your mouth. Previously, it was the end of the performance.

Now there are new opportunities to finish your performance using this device which is exceptionally magnificent, memorable, and a bright finale. With the end of the i-Lite Cup the performer spits the multicolored lights back into the i-Lite CUP and the cup fills up again. Only now when you bow, the tip of your Multi TIE drops into the i-Lite CUP and your tie begins to drink a colorful cocktail from the cup. The audience sees how the lights in the i-Lite CUP become smaller, and the Multi TIE is filled with colorful lights. You shake the tie and the lights begin to flash and mix. After that, you lower the tip of the Multi TIE into the i-Lite CUP again and the lights flow from the tie into the cup, filling it.

In the final, the Multi TIE flashes in multicolored lights. And you control everything with ONE button only. Charges either from a computer or from a phone charger.

This set includes

  • 1 x Multi TIE
  • 1 x USB charger

“It is THE BEST addition to any D-lite routine I’ve ever seen.” … – Paul Romhany. Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE

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