Multiple Shells and Coin Set – 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar – Kreis


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Exceptional Quality!

Whatever you do – do NOT prejudge this set. I did! It took me a while to really appreciate this set… I didn’t realize just how good it was until I viewed it personally. This is literally like a creative kit of the highest quality for any coin-man walking. This is NOT just one expanded shell and four 1964 regular coins. It’s also referred to as: Four Total Coins – 3 Multiple Nesting Shells and 1 Custom standard Kennedy Half Dollar – all 1964. You get a total of FOUR pieces with each unit. The Japanese title is Four Multiple Shells & Coin Set. But we wanted to clarify this only by name for comparison, as the name Four Multiple Shells & Coin Set sounds as

This is what comes with the set:

  • A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar – Same width as standard coin just microscopically cut in diameter.
  • Standard 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Shell
  • Expanded 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Shell
  • Super Expanded 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Shell – that fits over EVERYTHING.
  • Each and every coin features re-milled edging.

Make NO mistake this is exceptional quality through and through.

Note: Full-Disclosure – this set MUST be used only with these coins. This is NOT a set you would want to purchase and mix with other coins. It is a costume designed exclusive set that provides incredible opportunities. Subject to inventory on-hand and availability. If not in stock, usually (but not always) we can provide a set withing an approx. 2-3 week turn-around unless notified otherwise.  

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