Multiplying Bottles Abbott – Ron Reid Customized – Excellent Condition – Estate


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THIS PIECE CUSTOMIZED BY RON REID!  Please note ADDITIONAL shipping is REQUIRED for this item. 
Bill Trotter Magic

Multiplying Bottles Abbotts -Excellent Condition – Estate .    Absolutely Gorgeous.  Imagine this set in your collection.  I certainly am.  I keep using the same sentence for the pieces in this estate collection because this guy – has class.  This is a perfect example of what I am referring to regards to a streamlined, classy design that doesn’t scream OBTRUSE!  Another vivid and brilliantly manufactured classic effect in the world of magic.

IMPORTANT: Please Note Estate Items Do Not Qualify For Any SME Coupons.  While it may accept the coupon on checkout, we can’t honor it per our agreement with the owner of this estate.

“I am a fan of Ron Reid! There are a few people  I can think of when it comes to the level of quality and aesthetics in the art of magic, that I would choose to customize my apparatus.  By contrast sadly there is NO shortage of apparatus that could benefit greatly from Ron’s touch.  Streamlined, classic design with elegance is how I would describe his work in one sentence.” – Bill Trotter

Due to Size/Dims/ and One of  Kind: Additional Shipping required on this item due to size/weight and insurance. We will contact you post-purchase with additional info. 

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