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Magician produces a writing marker and magically vanishes it with confidence! The magic Gods don’t take kindly to his grandstanding and all of a sudden, just as the previous marker vanished, a new one magically appears! The Magic Gods decide to teach the magi a lesson and produce one magic marker after another in machine gun style fashion!

The poor magi, he can’t keep up, what is he to do with all these appearing markers, they keep coming ad infinitively? The double play between the magic of the appearing markers along with the pantomime of the performer makes this a solid routine that is comical and exceptionally visual! Highly recommended.

· No Nesting Markers are used.
· Can be performed surrounded
· Features a unique special gimmick that makes it much easier to perform.
· Not to be confused with previous, similar effects – due to the unique new gimmick.
· Comes with DVD instructional with Spanish and English.
· Excellent attention to quality – you won’t be disappointed.

Marker Production contains 3 markers with special gimmick that is awesome, and the DVD.


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