Murder and The Psychic Detective – P. Craig Browning (Book)


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A project several years in the making from P. Craig Browning, with contributions from other respected names in the field…  The culmination is complete!


Forward by Christian Chelman 11 Complete Acts From Top Working Pros like Dr. Todd Landman, Luca Volpe & Peter Turner.  Learn the History of the Murder Mystery Theme in Mentalism

Soft Vinyl Covers w/Spiral Binding – 82 Pages.

Additional Details:
1.) There are 11 total Routines some deliver a full-evening performance, some for a theatrical show, others are great close-up fun.
2.) Some routines require limited pre-show work.
3.) No Acting nor Actors are “required” for the majority of the routines presented; one routine however does touch on this topic as “an option” and how to use them.
4.) These ARE NOT “Tricks” but rather Routines or “Vignettes” for the most part — THEATER.
5.) Certain routines require special graphics which you will be able to download upon registering at our web-site.

“If You’ve Ever Wanted To Murder Someone, In An Entertaining Way, Then This Book Covers A Wide Range Of How To Commit The Crime. You Have Many Ideas, Methods, Presentations And Contributors That Will Lead You Down That Dark Path. In The End You’ll Be Able to Stage a Night of Crime and You Can Probably Pick And Choose the Various Methods within to Create Your Own Style and Presentation. There’s something for Everyone… So Do Yourself and Your Audience A Favor and Kill Someone Today…. Oh, By Getting This Book I Mean.” – Greg Arce

“Dangerously Inspiring – Literally Couldn’t Put My Preview Copy Down Until the Last Line. Several Individual Routines Are Worth Murdering For In Their Own Right. But Truly Lethal Is How This Collection Evokes Both The Commercial And The Artistic Potential Of Its Overarching Dramatic Premise. In An Era Where Audiences Abandon Mentalism Shows Lacking A Compellingly Unifying Theme, This Killer Boldly Offers One To Die For.” –  Jan Bardi

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