Mutiplying Wine Bottles – Premium Quality – 6 Bottle Set


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Watch the video to fully appreciate the power of this product!

Stevens Magic Endorsed!  We personally endorse this product in every way.  The quality is amazing. Comes with metal tubes – not cardboard. Vivid and high resolution colors and labels. Loaded with extra features which are not included in most other sets. And all of this at a price that is 1/5th of what a comparable set of bottles would have cost even 5 years ago!  Simply put – you are getting incredible quality at an incredible price.

Effect: A glass and a bottle magically change places many times under the cover of two tubes. Then a glass of wine is also poured from a bottle, and now the bottle and full glass magically transpose! During this process, one after another, bottles magically and unexpectedly appear from the tubes, till a total of 6 bottles, are on the table!

One of the best sets on the market, at an affordable price!

  • Easy to perform.
  • Bottles are the higheset quality and look very realistic.

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