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My Best Stuff, is unquestionably one of Pete’s best books to date, the minute you hold it in your and skim the contents you will agree. The seventeenth in Pete’s successful series of books featuring sage advice with simple but powerful effects in all venues.  Close-up, walk-around magic, stage and parlor (or as many a fan of Pete being from the UK would write – parlour)!  Pete credits a lot of UK magicians that inspired him and that he had close relationships with.

Pete pays homage to many of his friends including but not limited to:

  • Fred Kaps
  • Harry Blackstone
  • Norm Nielsen
  • Terry Seabrooke
  • Karrell Fox
  • T.A. Waters
  • Roy Benson
  • Glenn Haywood
  • Billy McComb
  • Etienne Lorenceau
  • Charlie Miller
  • Al Flosso
  • Jeff McBride
  • Ken Brooke

The booklet features 24 pages and is exceptionally well laid out with a lot of photos and illustration, printed on quality heavy stock gloss paper. Pete Biro is a lifetime member of the Academy of Magical Arts, The Oakland Magic Circle, and M.I.M.C., with a Gold Star.


  • Introduction.
  • Card In Balloon.
  • Can I Shoot Your Picture?
  • Forgotten Magic.
  • No Tilt Chinese Sticks.
  • Favorite Visual Gags.
  • Steve Shepard Egg Bag.
  • Some Great Classics.
  • The Twitch Card Trick.
  • Sage Advice and Get Loaded (sorry I thought it was Sage Advice on “how to get loaded” – but that book was written by Buma Sr.).
  • The Real Walnut Trick.
  • Add A Touch of Comedy.
  • Fred Kaps’ Twisting the Aces and Miser’s Dream.
  • Comedy Rope Gags.
  • No Force Force, J.M. Holdout and Marked Cards.
  • Chicken or the Egg? Ridiculous Sight Gags.
  • From My Lost Notebook, Burned/Restored Hfk

Worth every penny in terms of a quality for what you pay for!

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