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Stevens Magic Emporium is very proud to have been chosen to represent this line exclusively to our distinguished customers. Always in search of the unique, high-quality items, so we can bring to you only the bestScroll down to the bottom of the page to view more items from Thomas Pohle.

One of the desirable pieces released by Eckhart Boettcher from his series of Close-Up Treasures manufactured for him by Thomas Pohle.

You introduce small box which is ornately decorated with oriental symbols. The lid is removed and a large die is removed which has 4 different colored sides and is also highly decorated (Top and bottom are Black). A spectator is asked to place the die in the box and remember the color of the side pointing up while your back is turned, he is then to close the box and when you turn around you are instantly able to name the correct color.

After this warm up the magic really starts:

After the box has been closed again, you command the die inside to rotate and indeed when the box is opened again a different color is facing up. The die is taken out and shown on all sides. Next follows a “explanation” of how you are determine which color points up and how the rotation is possible. After this “explanation” you place the die in the box and let the spectator tell you which color is up. In an unexpected twist the large die has vanished without a trace when the box is opened again.

Note: These are all made by hand, therefore subject to inventory on hand, there could be an approximate 4 week turn-over.  See bottom of this page for other possible Thomas Pohle items exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium.

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