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Buried in the tombs of Stevens Magic! We sent Shawn into the crypt again! It’s a scary and dangerous place. Underneath our shop, are the salt mines, where the ambient temperature is a constant 50 degree’s with no humidity, and no lighting – the perfect place to store buried treasure. But it can be pretty scary down there too! Shawn drew the short straw and went in alone but came out with some fantastic Porper products which as part of our 40th anniversary at Stevens Magic Emporium we are offering at great prices!

Imagine borrowing a quarter, placing it into the box, closing it and when you open it the coin is bent! Close and open the box again, and the coin has been restored to it’s original condition. This unit is the professional man’s “mystery box” all the way. It weighs in at a hefty 7.1 ounces, and measures 3.5-inches” long by 2 5/8ths-inches wide and 5/8th-inches thick. It is fabricated to aircraft-quality standards out of aluminum stock. Each box is anodized and polished for a lifetime finish. The effect is very easy to perform and will be a favorite to all, especially those of you who enjoy “micro magic.” Never before has “micro magic” been made to this level of quality in the world of magic. Don’t miss your chance to grab this exciting effect!

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