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COMPLETE SET OF FIVE…For the first time ever, Stevens Magic is proud to offer you exclusively, a set of five music boxes playing the music performed by Robert-Houdin’s magic “Soirees” in the mid-19th Century.

These original tunes have been transposed into crystal-clear mechanical music. The “Quadrilles Fantastiques” were piano themes performed during Robert-Houdin’s magic show. Each of the five boxes plays a different piano theme used by Robert-Houdin himself! Collectors and magicians alike will be enthralled by this timeless, elegant and mystical collection. Each complete collection comes with a crystal case, poster and documentation. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get what is sure to be a collector’s item.

Thanks to our friend, Georges Proust (Academe de Magie), Jean-Luc Muller and Philippe Sayous PLEASE NOTE: The music boxes are constructed in Paris, hand assembled by some of the finest crafters in the art of music boxes, clockwork and automata. Because of this, the manufacturer is unable to meet large demands. Nonetheless, the maker wants this line to be accessible to the magic community in such a manner that it can be achieved financially, but still be worthy of the memory of a great magician.

The music featured on these timeless boxes includes the following:

  1. Antonia Diavolo-considered as Robert-Houdin’s mechanical masterpiece.
  2. The “Pastry-Cook of the Palais-Royal”.
  3. The “Magic Portfolio” or “Carton Fantasique”
  4. La Suspension – Eugene
  5. L’Oranger


Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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