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Thanks to Ben Bader from Neo-Elegance Effects and Bill Montana for giving Stevens Magic the opportunity to sale another one of their great items! Made of solid Cherry wood with brass and glass beads.

Note: the construction is not butt jointed and it is also brass pinned. This style of construction has not been seen in magic props for many years.

The size is 3″ x 5″ x 1/2″ outer dimensions and fits nicely in to a jacket pocket and includes, 3 1/8″ x 5 1/2″ manila coin envelopes (4) 3″ x 5″ blank index cards (4). The cards are blank so the prediction can be in your own handwriting.

Here is the basic effect: A envelope is laid upon the table and a person is asked to name a number from 1-16, the Mystery of Suanpan is removed from your jacket pocket and that bead is counted to. This selects the color. When the envelope is opened a match is found.

Here the really nice thing with this model the device flipping is done as it comes from the pocket, so there is no fumbling around, its clean and direct.

The real kicker is it retails for a phenomemal price – for a quality item made from cherry and brass with glass beads (bead colors may very depending on availability). 

The Mystery of the Suanpan is based on the old principle first used in magic from my research in an effect called Nic’s Napkins from Floyd Thayer circa 1922.

Over the years there have been a few (very few) effects that use this form in an effect. All of these that I have researched are only form the parlor or stage. This version can be used for any close up, street magic, ring meeting, table hopping (as you can repeat the effect with any of the four colors). Also a version exists that will allow you to force any two of the colors. A nice touch and a happy accident as this version does not show any recognizable pattern.

Copy by Bill Montana.

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