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An adventure into the deeper meaning of magic. In Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride’s first collaborative work, you may at last peer into the shadowy conclave known as Mystery School. Featuring Jeff McBride stage masterpieces revealed for the first time, new pieces by Eugene Burger and essays by Mystery School faculty member Robert Neale. With magic and writing by some of the world’s most magical thinkers including: David Abram, Jack Adams, Jen Adams, Tobias Beckwith, Kevin Dunn, Mont Dutson, Bob Fellows, Bob Fitch, Adam Fleischer, Dan Harlan, Paul Harris, Brad Henderson, Jay Inglee, Jade, Kevin James, Just Alan, Todd Karr, Bryce Kuhlman, Joe Latiere, Vito Lupo, Patrick Martin, Sean Masterson, Max Maven, Ormond McGill, Stephen, Minch, Dan Mindo, Alain Nu, David Parr, Dr. Jennifer Pauls, Charles Reynolds, Father Daniel Rolland, Peter Samelson, Samina, Luna Shemada, Abbi Spinner McBride, Margaret Steel, Rogan Taylor, John Tudor and Newell Unfried—plus an interview with Timothy Leary. And Featuring the Exotic Art of Katlyn Breene. Over 450 hardbound pages on large-format, acid-free, satin-finish paper with beautiful 16-page color section.

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