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The new version of the old classic Presto card frame has been drastically beautified with a solid aged walnut frame, each piece has been painstakingly selected to amplify the luxurious elegance of the finished frame and base. The addition of the intricate laser engraved top decoration allows the frame to stand out as an object of admiration which you will want to proudly display on the shelf of any home.

The Walnut block base has been secretly weighted to ensure easy removal of the gimmick when performing the trick. The thumb turns on the back allow the performer to easily open the back and remove the chosen card from the frame in plain sight of the audience. The satin gimmick has heat sealed edges to help eliminate frayed threads and the easy grip handle is securely wrapped and glued into place.

Multiple coats of fine lacquer ensure many years of use while maintaining its like new appearance. We have even used 1/8 inch glass instead of the normal single strength and sanded the edges of the glass for the safety of the magician. Every conceivable idea has gone into making this a sure fire winner in any act and with the right performance you are sure to hear such exclamations as, “That is impossible!” and “How did you do that?”

Envision this, a magician has a spectator choose a card while displaying a full deck. He then takes the chosen card and tears a corner from it and gives the piece of the card to the spectator to hold onto. The remainder of the card the magician tears into pieces and disposes of it. He then shows the spectators a beautiful walnut picture frame which has been sitting off to the side the frame is seen to be completely empty. The magician produces a medium sized silk from some where and drapes it gently over the frame completely covering it. With one swift motion he grabs the silk and whisks it away revealing the frame which now holds a playing card which matches the suit and value of the previously chosen card and there is even a corner torn from the enclosed card. The frame is brought to the audience and gently laid on its front, the back is removed and the torn card is given to the spectator who holds the torn corner. They are asked to compare the corner with the rest of the card and asked if it indeed the same card that the torn piece is from. It is an exact fit. The audience is stunned with the results. The magician takes a bow amidst certain applause. “Ta Da.”

  • Easy to do!
  • Entertaining!
  • A completely different way to finish a card routine!

Dims: 7 inches tall by 4 3/4″ wide. Weight is just under 12 ounces – which means this is a solid piece that is crafted with a weighted bottom to keep it firmly planted without fear or it turning over.

Made exclusively by our craftsman; Louie Gaynor! Don’t miss this 75 year old mystery!

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