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They are all here. Considered by many to be the highest quality modern publication in Mentalsim. Sure you can purchase the individually, or you can get all four volumes (thus far) at this special price. It’s a great deal as you basically end up getting one volume for FREE when you buy this bundle.  That’s a 30% savings – or $30.00!

VOL #1: – Mystic Descendant 

Spotlight Q&A- a very candid interview session that gives readers an opportunity to really get to know a fellow performer (both their personal and their mentalism sides). Our first guest under the Mystic Spotlight is Iain Dunford. Everything from character mindset to “getting under the knickers of it all” is discussed.

The Script and The Method- A stand-up piece, ‘Distant Impressions’. The mentalist uses his telepathic ability to lift impressions from the imagination of a male participant and then uses the help of a female’s intuition to bring the demonstration to a climax.

The Adventures of Johnny the Mentalist- A retired and struggling mentalist encounters a young man intrigued to learn about the craft. A close-up piece is demonstrated and explained.

Inside a London Pub- a close-up routine that is constructed based on three things submitted by a fellow practitioner. This is a way of thinking and designing your own personal sets for meaningful performances.

Backstage Pass- a fascinating conversation with full-time performer Anthony Heads. A very honest and open discussion that offers highs and lows of performing for a living.

Issue 1 is layered with practical advice, honest thoughts, inspiration, experience and thoughtful artwork for a one-of-a-kind publication.

Vol. #2 – Mystic Descendant

MYSTIC DESCENDANT – The Official Publication of Mentalism. As the theater lights fade, you’ll step behind the curtain for a chat with full-time performer, Meraux Dantes. Then move further into the darkness with Anthony Heads on the realities of realism and the conflicts spawned from believability. Enjoy a trip to the UK as Todd Landman breaks down three famous personas in Mentalism, and then tread inside a London Pub to experience a close-up set built around the theme of Energy.

Pack your bags again and head down under to pick apart a presentation utilizing a whole-audience force devised by Australian performer Connor Jacobs. Next it’s back to the States to learn a pendulum technique from Neal Scryer and while there, grab a chair as actor and mentalist Jack Shalom sits under the Mystic Spotlight. Finally, hitch a ride back home with Robert and Johnny as the Adventures of Johnny the Mentalist continue…

Vol. #3 – Mystic Descendant 

Issue 3 – Past & Present – The much-anticipated Issue 3 is now available, with two new sections making their debut: Incrementally Speaking by Iain Dunford and The Last Chance Lounge by Jim Callahan. Recently the online community has been buzzing in the underground forums, and finally the secrets will be revealed… within the Lounge you will at last witness Annemann’s New Presentation!

Also this issue, E. Raymond Carlyle sits under the Mystic Spotlight, sharing personal life stories, experience and wisdom from a lifetime in mentalism. Anthony Heads is back with another thought-provoking installment of Unmasked, and Ryan Frame contributes a carefully crafted chair test to this issue’s Script and Method.

Our Backstage Pass is with one of the world’s busiest full-time mentalists, Luca Volpe who shares keen and applicable insights into the real world of professional performance. In addition, all our regular features are returning; a simple and effective close-up effect demonstrated ‘Inside a London Pub’, Some Thoughts from Matthew Mayavi, more Practical Advice, and we continue The Adventures of Johnny the Mentalist.

Old meets young, beginner meets veteran, classic meets contemporary. Issue 3: Past and Present.

Vol. #4 – Mystic Descendant

Discover how Mauricio Jaramillo’s love and passion for mentalism transformed into a career as a full-time mentalist. Take a trip back in time with Ryan Frame, with the first step on his bold journey of unpacking The Jinx issue-by-issue, giving his own thoughts and variations along the way. Several key topics are entertainingly discussed by Don Theo III during this issue’s Spotlight Q&A, and Iain Dunford shares thoughts on readings, connections and psychometry.

Feel the suspense and pressure as Anthony Heads walks us through a difficult encounter and Paul Shirley presents one of his most preferred close-up pieces. Plus, Johnny the Mentalist demonstrates a hot little effect in a restaurant and a visual book test is displayed Inside a London Pub.

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