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Stevens Magic is very excited to add this offering for our customers.  We have been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time. Mystic Descendant is a new quarterly publication for all practitioners of Mentalism. This publication is not a magazine nor a newsletter but an actual book that is free of advertisements and product reviews. Written and compiled by Ron Chavis, Mystic Descendant is unlike anything offered on the market today. Ron’s goals are to supply useful knowledge and inspiration, and to stimulate creativity for everyone interested in the thinking and performance of Mentalism.

Some of the features from Issue 1 include:

Spotlight Q&A- a very candid interview session that gives readers an opportunity to really get to know a fellow performer (both their personal and their mentalism sides). Our first guest under the Mystic Spotlight is Iain Dunford. Everything from character mindset to “getting under the knickers of it all” is discussed.

Iian Dunford

The Script and The Method- A stand-up piece, ‘Distant Impressions’. The mentalist uses his telepathic ability to lift impressions from the imagination of a male participant and then uses the help of a female’s intuition to bring the demonstration to a climax.

The Adventures of Johnny the Mentalist- A retired and struggling mentalist encounters a young man intrigued to learn about the craft. A close-up piece is demonstrated and explained.

Inside a London Pub- a close-up routine that is constructed based on three things submitted by a fellow practitioner. This is a way of thinking and designing your own personal sets for meaningful performances.

Backstage Pass- a fascinating conversation with full-time performer Anthony Heads. A very honest and open discussion that offers highs and lows of performing for a living.

Issue 1 is layered with practical advice, honest thoughts, inspiration, experience and thoughtful artwork for a one-of-a-kind publication.

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