Mystic Descendant Issue 2

Mystic Descendant – Issue Two – Various Directions


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This is the freshest thing to hit Mentalism!  The first issue over-sold our most optimistic speculations and left many asking – when is issue two going to be available.  The answer is “NOW!”  From the minds’ eye of Ron Chavis, comes a great product with an even better price!

MYSTIC DESCENDANT – The Official Publication of Mentalism. As the theater lights fade, you’ll step behind the curtain for a chat with full-time performer, Meraux Dantes. Then move further into the darkness with Anthony Heads on the realities of realism and the conflicts spawned from believability. Enjoy a trip to the UK as Todd Landman breaks down three famous personas in Mentalism, and then tread inside a London Pub to experience a close-up set built around the theme of Energy.

Pack your bags again and head down under to pick apart a presentation utilizing a whole-audience force devised by Australian performer Connor Jacobs. Next it’s back to the States to learn a pendulum technique from Neal Scryer and while there, grab a chair as actor and mentalist Jack Shalom sits under the Mystic Spotlight. Finally, hitch a ride back home with Robert and Johnny as the Adventures of Johnny the Mentalist continue…

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