Mysticum Artium Magister by Lary Kuehn


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Finally Traveler has completed his new book. Just imagine, he taught a graduate level class to some real students. And, they all received the coveted Graduate Degree of Mysticum Artium Magister (Master Of Mystic Arts) in séances. Yes, an actual class that outlines concisely the basics for creating and performing séances. The students even had to take a ‘final’. Here’s a quick quote from Neil Tobin’s foreword: “Lary and Traveler are following Eugene’s path. And in this book, they’ve set out a step-by-step course for designing your own, personalized theatrical seance experience. The bones are all there: potential effects, storytelling hints, overall structure, and even promotional angles. From there, they let loose more than a half dozen talented seance enthusiasts to follow their plan and share their “final exam” results — some of which are remarkably inventive. (How about a seance designed to take camping, free of elaborate props and Victorian trappings? It’s in there.)”

200 Pages
Dimensions (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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