N Stripper Ace’s and Kings -RED – SME Private Label


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This is the closest thing to artifical intelligence with cards you will ever see! 



Looking for a CUSTOM Made Neg. Stipper Deck with the specific card of your choice?  We can make that happen too.  Contact us for more details!

The N Stripper deck is a gamblers’ secret that has been tucked away for many, many years and is coming to light even to most magicians for the first time.  The deck looks completely NORMAL, even for those of you familiar with a Stripper Dec – Trust Me!  It’s an ingenious custom made deck from a true card shark and mechanic that makes each one of these decks, one-at-a-time with incredible attention to detail and quality.

The Aces and Kings N Stripper allows the gambler at his or her wish to instantly strip out Aces and Kings from the deck – virtually at any time.  Even though the deck has been shuffled (Faro Shuffle, Riffle Shuffle, Table Shuffle) keep them in play – NO PROBLEM.  This is the closest thing to artifical intelligence with cards you will ever see!   Despite all that action, the shuffling, and play, it’s still set and waiting for just the right time, to produce any of the Aces and Kings fludily in one smooth natural move, or if so desired to be pulled out one-at-a-time.  The pertinent point being they can be “stripped” from the deck, not only at any time, but either all at once or one-at-a-time.

Like all the other SME Private Label custom decks they are guarenteed satisfaction.

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