Nail Writer – Kirkendall Style (R.F.)


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What would you pay for an original Kirkendall nail writer today? $40-$50 or more for high quality is not unusual. Now you get not one, but TWO nail writers of that quality for this great low price! Hundreds of effects are possible.  Thanks to Ralph Fowler for finally making them available.

Effect: Write a prediction and hold it up while the spectator names a number. The card is turned to show that number. A list of things is shown and you put a check beside one. When the spectator names her choice, you show that’s the one you checked! Superbly constructed of brass. Designed to fit snugly under the thumbnail eliminating unwanted movement. Lead is easily replaced. Reliable and comfortable.

Testimonial: Thank you for the Nailwriters.  I am very happy that you have created a nailwriter in the “old world style.” These small quality writers are a welcome addition to my arsenal.  The size of the writer makes it both useable and invisible.  Not even prison guards would find these during a search!  Great Effort!  Joe Curcillo – Joey “the See”

NOTE: The instructions do suggest that you use .046 (1.1mm) lead with a touch of Superglue, to better secure the lead into place.  I have been using .9mm (HB) lead as it is more readily available with a dab of Superglue gel).  Nail Writers and Swami Gimmicks come a a variety of types and designs.  Everyone that uses them goes through a process of discovery finding which type they prefer.  There is no way to learn this without trying them.  We have clients like Joe Curcillo and Marc Salem who only purchase these type of writers.  And we have other clients that prefer other makes.  Our job is to try to offer a variety of different versions.

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