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English Language Premade!  Review from Jiro – Stevens Magic’s resident card expert.  I didn’t see this coming at all!  I don’t think this application has ever been used before in card magic this will absolutely FRY!  Thomas Riboulet has a brilliant mind and NAME IT lives up 100%!  Get this effect especially at Stevens Magic because we have professionally stenciled the deck for you saving you a lot of time!

Name It: Thomas Riboulet’s new nugget!  Name It is an incredible card routine in which you will show the audience that all their choices were predicted from the start. At no time will they expect the final revelation! You introduce a deck of cards and your spectator freely chooses 4 cards face up. Depending on the characteristics of the selected cards (red/black, family, points or picture etc…), these 4 cards lead the spectator to a final card.

Remember this information well. All choices are free from the start and the final card will not necessarily be the same every time you present the trick! By turning over the chosen cards, a message is formed. The spectators discover with amazement that you had written the name of the final card on the back with a marker! Were they masters of their choices? Finally, the last prediction allows you to make a climax that is sure to surprise your audience: the chosen card is the only blue-backed card in the whole deck!

Name It is a modern, high-impact approach to spelling tricks, with, for once, a truly magical finale. Simple to do and requiring almost no memory work, this deck will enter your repertoire and become a killer effect that you will always have on you to impress your entourage! You will receive the deck and the gimmicks necessary for you to perform this trick, all you will have to do is customize them with your own predictions, your own language and you will be ready.

Highlights :

  • Easy to do
  • The chosen card will not always be the same
  • The spectator has free choices
  • The specially prepared game does the work for you
  • Incredible kicker ending
  • Reset is done during the routine
  • Perfect for beginners as well as workers
  • PREMADE DECK INCLUDED JUST TO HELP YOU GET STRAIGHT INTO THE MAGIC FORMULA!  Do NOT purchase this version if you are using another language. 
  • This effect will NOT work in the German Language. 

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