NBC World of Magic Script – Doug Henning 1975 – Shimada’s Personal Copy


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What we have here is an Extremely SCARCE piece of Magic History. If you grew up watching Doug Henning and want to try to purchase a piece of that history now may be your only chance.  But the interesting thing about this piece is the fact it has DOUBLE the interest. In addition to it being authentic Doug Henning, it also was the personal copy of SHIMADA who appeared on that show!  The owner will have TWO feathers in the cap with this piece of magic ephemera!

NBC World of Magic - Doug Henning - 1975

The World of Magic TV special that aired on December 26,1975 on NBC was one of the biggest televised events in magic history. It was joined by special guest and Gene Kelly. It also featured several guest performers, Master magician Shimada being one of them. This book is very special because you can see some last minute changes from the original host (being Orson Wells) and the changes to Gene Kelly as the host – last minute. On a personal note I remember Orson Wells used to call us at our first location. I always got a kick out telling Dad – “Orsen Wells” is on the phone for you. Last time he called – he was on the hunt for a good set of Multiplying Bottles and we had em from Espana. But I digress…

NBC World of Magic - Doug Henning - 1975

This is titled SCARCE (which is significantly more limited than RARE) because only each member of the cast was provided a SINGLE leather bound copy of the script and their name personally embossed on it.

Provenance: Shimada – Luna Shimada – Current Owner.

This is Shimada’s one and only copy. The current owner is the indivdual who purchased this from Luna Shimada.

This is something to hold onto and cherish for the rest of your life, please preserve it for the future generations of magicians and magic as a whole this is an amazing piece of Magic History. This may be your one and only chance to ever see this in person.

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This Product is ONLY going to APPRAISE in value!

World of Magic - Doug Henning

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