Neal Scryer’s Berlin Lecture Notes – Part Two – Download


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This a download product ONLY! Powerful Intensity At A Great Price.

The Pink Rose 
A lovely presentation of a reading for multiple person’s using pink roses with a bonus. Included is an essential reading system from psychometry A to Z a contribution by Richard Webster.

Planetary Pendulum 
This is not a trick it is real. Using piece of paper with a drawing of the world and a pendulum. This will make all happy sending this energy out there.

Cards For A Living and Dead Test. 
This uses unmarked business cards and a pendulum a very clean living and dead test.

Dead or Alive.
This is a favorite of Neal’s it’s all about them and their intuition.

A very special pulsating effect a favorite of Neal’s that’s been kept quiet till Berlin his favorite effect a real Gem.

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