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AKA – Neck Breaker. Present this as an “Houdini  type Escape” – which is always of interest to your audience! 

From Roscoe – the man that brought us the beautiful – Eye Gore, Maria Antoinette Skulls, and The Beast (see bottom of page), comes his latest mind shocking effect that is getting the BIG Reaction!  Tie two thick chains around your neck and yank them visibly THROUGH it! Astonish your street, stage, parlor, or close-up audiences with this startling illusion.  In clear view, you wrap TWO thick chains around your neck, tie them tight, and then in plain sight – YANK THEM VISIBLY THROUGH YOUR NECK!   Yes, you read that right – TWO thick chains!

Packs small.  Packs LIGHT because the chains are plastic.  Plays HUGE!  Gives the believable illusion of heavy metal chains – even in the parlor.  Easy to perform solo, or use FOUR chains with your assistant.  Audience may examine the chains.  ROSCOE regularly performs his NECKSNAPPER surrounded.  Comes with two thick plastic chains, the secret gimmick, and ROSCOE’s detailed instructions and sketches, patter, and performance ideas.

“RoseRed and I call it the NECKSNAPPER because that’s the audience reaction – every single time!  Even friends and regular fans who have seen our show a dozen times hunt us up afterward to tell us it’s ‘just plain impossible.’ It’s our closer.” –  ROSCOE

Okay so chances are at some point in your life you wished you were Houdini – right? Okay if not, then perhaps you are a performing magician that wants to add a little something different to your act! Either way, if you want to add an element of perceived danger to your act here it is!

Why do we at Stevens Magic like this item?

  • The Human Factor: Let’s face it people are usually going to be more interested in watching you snap your neck than performing a card trick!
  • The audience can test the chains “before and after” the performance.
  • Easy to perform – allowing you to focus solely on presentation.
  • Practically self working!
  • No difficult moves, or slights.
  • The audience members can hold the four ends of the chain.
  • East to transport. Packs small plays very big!
  • Can be performed as an intense piece or a comedy presentation.Perfect also for an MC.

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