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From Mark Burger – House of Magic – Buma Jr. The guy that puts the “ZING” in AMAZING! Comes one of his best sellers which features a Special Force Rotund By Eugene Burger.

This is a a truly entertaining and clever story book effect that draws your audience into the mysterious tombs of ancient Egypt.  Complete with 10 special Nefari picture parchments from the Tombs of ancient Egypt. They have the feel and look of very antiquated paper.

The effect centers around one of several curses that would happen to Nefari, if she violated the sacred laws.  The magi not only talks about each tragic fate, but the images on the parchment represent the different curses.  The spectator is asked to choose one of the tragic outcomes, freely and as the story continues, sure enough the one they choose ends up being the fall of Nefari!

Excellent attention to details was added to making this parchment paper look and feel like it’s thousands of years old. Product comes with exceptionally detailed instructions, routines and ideas as well as excellent references that will allow you to further explore the power of this unique effect.

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