Nemo 1500 (Ken Brooke)


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Johnny Thompson’s signature effect! Created by one of magic’s top professionals for trade show work, private parties and any close-up venue! This is the latest, version made of the finest leather that has sold for up to $250.00.

If you’ve seen Johnny perform this miracle, you fully understand the huge impact you receive, when a spectator’s freely chosen card is—beforehand predicted and a $20.00 bill or $100.00 bill is offered to the spectator IF the prediction is wrong! Of course, it is NOT wrong and the performer comes out on top each time. A card is shown in a wallet before starting the effect and then exposed at the end for the correct prediction. But even better, the magician claims they were SO certain that particular card would be chosen, they had that card embossed on the backside of the wallet that was holding the predicted card!

Upon turning over the wallet – sure enough – the spectators’ freely chosen card is embossed on the leather wallet! Oh so clever! Comes complete with everything you need, a professional routine for professionals. No sleights required. The effect works itself and you can spend your time focusing on the presentation.(Excellent for all languages!)

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2 reviews for Nemo 1500 (Ken Brooke)

  1. William Hegbli

    Johnny Thompson used this routine in his Trade Show work for years, that was enough for me to purchase it. The wallets are of high quality, and the routine is is superb. If you want to do a card prediction with a ‘SOCKO’ Climax then give this a try, you will not be disappointed, if you follow the instructions. They tell you how to make it entertaining magic. Highly Recommended!

  2. brisbinismagic (verified owner)

    The wallets and all items, including the instructions are top-notch, and representative of the Ken Brooke Range. It is worth mentioning that the routine or handling Johnny Thompson used with this effect is slightly different than that which is explained in the instructions. His handling is found in the Johnny Thompson books. Whichever you choose, the effect is powerful, and definitely engages your spectator. My personal thanks to Stevens for making this available.

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