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Important: If you have questions about this incredible scarce and unique product contact: Mark Stevens at: [email protected]

Note:  Additional shipping Cost applicable due to the fact there is only one unit available and signature and insurance will be required.  Estate items like this are “NOT” eligible for any coupons, discounts or specials, nor can merchandise credit be used on them. 

What an absolutely incredible piece of magic apparatus this is in so many ways.  The maker, the condition, completely intact, the scarcity, the rich organic wood texture married with the precision clockwork and metals, the provenance.   The current owner of this item has offered exclusively through Stevens Magic some of the most remarkable pieces we have ever sold in our 50 year history.  This certainly is one of those pieces He has also done a remarkable job as a care-taker of such pieces of the art.

To say this would be a signature piece in any collection is an understatement of gross disproportionality.  We are talking about John Dahms.  This is a precision set of hardwood Nested Boxes hand crafted by John Dahms in 1978. These boxes were crafted with no nails and use biscuits to join the box corners together. All interior surfaces in the boxes are flocked. The smallest box is so well made, it can be handed to the spectator to examine, unlock and retrieve their previously vanished article. John Dahms was a master carpenter by trade and used those skills in retirement to make precision wood magic props.

In a tribute to John’s craftsmanship, Mike Rogers wrote in a column for SME, “Incidentally, no one will ever manufacture a Sliding Die Box to equal those made by the late John Dahms.”

This set of Nested Boxes comes complete with all 5 boxes, 5 original keys, and the gimmick release tool. In addition, John’s business card and a cancelled check for the purchase are included.  This is an earlier version of his Nested Boxes we used sell at the shop or in our catalogs back in the day.

Condition: PRISTINE

Provenance: Unit was obviously purchased new and only had one owner (as is proven by the cancelled check) and has never been used.

Disclaimer:  Wristwatch used in one of the images is not included – it is used for illustrative purposes only.

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