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The first person to introduce me to the benefits of coroplast was our own senior resident magician Shawn Reida.  He would use it to construct tables and also use it for creating storage container for some of his effects.  Nothing like an ATA case of course, but something sturdy that would protect many of his larger pieces of apparatus and do so without adding any significant weight.  Coroplast is a remarkable product for those reasons, it’s very light weight but still sturdy due to the way it is designed.   Then World Magic Shops Masayuki Syouma Miyagawa really opened up the box by creating actual working illusions using mainly coreplast but also wood components and adding wheels to it.

This unit has the wood base with four heavy-duty wheels so it can easily be rolled from one location to the other.  Pretty much every thing breaks down and fits inside this very same base – save for the wood section in the middle and the wood spikes of course.

That stated, there is no question that this illusion (which is not unlike any other) does require an assistant that capable of working with the capacity of the illusion, in the performance video you see a young man.   For the right customer, this is a great opportunity to add a real illusion to your show and one that you don’t need a two-wheeler or hand truck to transport.  One that sets up and breaks down quickly and easily.  Comes with Video Explanation. This item is brand new and has never been used.  Due to the nature of the product, and the price this sale is final, no returns or exchanges.  The item if used properly will last a long time.

ADDITIONAL SHIPPING WILL BE REQUIRED FOR THIS ITEM = Estimated Total Shipping Cost for lower 48 with insurance approx. $88  Due to the size and dimensions.

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