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Bill Trotter Magic

Trotter StampCertified by SME curator Bill Trotter.  Keith Bogart Collection

The Newman Linking Rings are and ‘were’ trully unique in their design. They made an impression on magicians because Newman was able to take a classic effect and change its physical structure such that they trully did pack flat but play big. From a performance viewpoint they are just as impressive as the traditional linking rings.  However, they had the additional benefit of being much easier to transport and store. These rings are technically no longer made commercially for two reasons.  One the material in which they were constructed, as we undersand it – is no longer available.  And the other reason being, again to our understanding that the supply from the original manufacturing runs has been exhausted. This unit provides you three flat beryllium copper rings all of which are made from a metalic compound that is no longer available. In addition to the three rings, it also features a booklet highlighting twenty moves, suggestions and tips from four notable perfomers:

  • Bill Sherman
  • Roger Crosthwaite
  • Tony Hammond
  • Derek Newman.

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