Nick Lewin’s Coin Bite


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The bite out coin is a relatively new edition to coin magic… For years and  years the “Coin in Bottle” was sold and it was an incredible feat.  But the first time we remember ever seeing or having a commercial bite out coin was to our awareness, due to David Blaine. It’s an incredible effect that blows people’s minds.

Nick Lewin's Bite Out Quarter

This is Nick Lewin’s favorite close-up trick; the one he never leaves home without it being in his pocket. Fast, funny and totally visual it is perfect for any occasion. The magician borrows a quarter, takes a bite out of it—the coin is cleanly displayed in its “bitten” state before being instantly and instantly restored. ​Nick Lewin’s favorite giveaway!

FAST, VISUAL AND TOTALY MAGICAL – Nick has frequently used this effect on TV as his “go-to” trick on those frequent occasions when he is asked to teach a host to perform a trick. This product is precision made in the USA and perfectly constructed. It comes complete with full instructions and everything needed for its performance. Easy to perform and instantly amazing, this is the way close-up magic should look.

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