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Created by Krisztin Kondor and Willliam Rader.  Special Thanks to Dr. Jeremy Weiss for tipping us to this beautiful product! 

You MUST view the additional images of this product to appreciate it.

This deck was produced in Marseille in 1760 by Nicolas Conver. The cards were believed to hold ancient, esoteric wisdom and were used for divination.

This decks includes 78 cards plus an information and promotional card. The deck is in French and the information card is in English. Standard tarot card size of 2.75″ x 4.75″

  • Printed on premium 310gsm card stock
  • Long lasting, linen finish for ease of shuffling and spreading
  • Sturdy, elegant tuck box with the card back design printed around the outside
  • Printed in the USA by Shuffled Ink

Restoration Process: The restoration consisted of meticulously redrawing and recoloring the original images. Then they clarified many of the details by comparing them to other historic Tarot de Marseille decks. Their goal was not to create an exact reproduction, but an elegant, refined deck that would inspire the imagination of the modern reader.

“The end result is a brilliant and beautiful journey filled with striking contrast, and exceptional details.  These cards resemble a magnet of sorts such that when your eyes land on them (just as a magnet does to metal) you are pulled in.  While the eyes serve as the conduit for these remarkable cards, the true power lies in your ability to use them to give your sitters a reading that stokes their imagination and emotions. Special thanks for Dr. Jeremy Weiss for tipping us to this product” Mark Stevens 

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