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From the Master of Magic and all things “extra-ordinary” – Chris Smith, respected and noted internationally as a man of outstanding talent – comes:

The No 2 Pencil is a visually striking animation from start to finish as the ‘No 2’ symbol on a pencil disappears, reappears, and then for a finale slides and stretches. That’s right, it’s a real ‘no 2’ stamped on a real pencil that looks like real magic – really!

The No 2 Pencil has been featured on national TV more than any other Close-up effect. With eight appearances on the Learning Channel and numerous appearances on the Disney Channel, the No 2 Pencil is now rumored to have it’s own parking space at Spagos!

It’s cute, funny and a great natural prop to carry around with you. It’s always ready to go and resets instantly. Gregory Wilson helped with the directions and patter – they’re hilarious and packed with more puns than you can shake a thin yellow stick at!  Check out other great items from MagicSmith!

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