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This is an estate item.  There are a few minor scratches but it doesn’t affect the play of the DVD.

Christopher Taylor is best known for his marvelous electronic contributions to mentalism such as Equinox, T•3, Eclipse and The Real Ghost. Here however, he presents six wonderful “low tech” feats of mental magic. No Batteries Required is a mix of classic mentalism routines and the very strange. All are easy to perform and each one as you will clearly see, delivers great impact. Christopher performs for real audiences on this DVD so that you can witness genuine reactions — there are no canned or exaggerated responses here!


Room 4
A participant journeys with you to a room she secretly chooses in an imaginary burning building. She escapes unharmed but you returned with a spooky souvenir. Powerful and unconventional mental magic.

A delightful combination of the “which hand?” scenario with the mysterious appearance of a circle on a signed business card. Christopher teaches you to make a “which hand?” detector that is as effective as many of the high-priced electronic versions! Gimmick included in box.

A piece of simple and direct mentalism in which the performer acts to bring out a participant’s hidden telepathic and clairvoyant abilities.

Dinner and a Movie
A powerful billet routine in which a young couple each learn something new about how their partner thinks about them. Christopher teaches one of the easiest billet switches and peeks ever!

Key Effect
Christopher’s much hailed Qi Coin principle applied to key bending along with a new key-bending slight.

There and Back
A simplified version of Christopher’s marketed effect. A participant secretly chooses a destination for a psychic journey. When they return they are holding a souvenir coin from their chosen country, which they get to keep.

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