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NOT VALID with any other coupon of promotion. Purchase all three and save $14! 

Jim Steinmeyer’s Famous Nothing But Mystery Books – Package of all three! The Three Books that Leave “Nothing Else” to be Desired! Maximum Impact with Minimal Props, Jim Steinmeyer’s Famous Nothing But Mystery Books! They might just be the most useful books you own, when it comes to your performances.

IMPORTANT: These books are independent from his successful Impuzzibilities and as such DO NOT contain the same material.  There is no cross-over from the Impuzzibilities – all the content in all books is original.  The Vol. #2 and #3 were only previously available from Jim. Ands now with Jim’s blessing we are offering the books at special incentive prices for a limited time.

These three books—the books with the famous dancing skeletons—have ushered in a new tradition in stand-up magic, with routines that have gone directly into professional shows around the world. These “minimal” miracles will change the way you think about your routines: sophisticated, ingenious effects that make the most of almost nothing. With simple props—like cards, a few envelopes, a paper bag, a piece of rope, these amazing and unexpected stand-up routines take shape.

Nothing but practical… nothing but ingenious… nothing but modern. No wonder these effects have become some of the most useful material in the repertoire of magicians. The contents include: The Nickel Under Your Foot; Lessons in Wonder, The Adept, (Those from Nothing But Mystery.) My Word!, 3-Part Harmony, Mad Marketing (Those from Still Nothing.) A Tin Can Phone, Standing Up For McDonald, The Poem What Reads Your Mind (Those are in With Nothing.)

The entire series will repay you—over and over again—with inspirations and practicably for your own shows. Nothing But Mystery (Vol. #1), Still Nothing But Mystery (Vol. #2) and With Nothing But Mystery (Vol #3) are each over 20 pages, and measure 8.5 by 11 inches, soft cover books.

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