Nothing But Mystery Series – Vol. #1 – Jim Steinmeyer


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For a llimited time Jim has authorized a Special this incredible series of books!  Purchase all three books and save $14.00.  Again, this a limited Holiday opportunity.  See bottom of page for optional packages and pricing.  Not eligible for any other coupons, promotions or discounts. 

One of magic’s most prolific creatives in the field of illusions, writing, design, production and so much more. Jim’s contribution to the art of magic is unquestionable. His creativity and forward thinking have pushed the art farther and, in the process, setting new boundaries. Jim was a co-host of the Los Angeles Magic History convention. We have enjoyed many years of friendship with Jim. If there ever was a renaissance man in the art of magic – it is Jim Steinmeyer – Joe Stevens

A booklet of “Minimal Miracles and Disproportionate Marvels for the Stand-Up Conjurer,” contains 11 unique effects. Some involve, quite literally, “nothing.” The Three Ball Test is an amazing thought an experiment, a script that performs the entire trick. Other surprising and unexpected effects include The Nickel Under Your Shoe or An Audience on Mars. Lessons in Wonder is a demonstration of magic for one person in the audience, in which she experiences something that didn’t happen, and everyone is bewildered. Other routines utilize minimal props, like a piece of rope, deck of cards, or a paper bag. The Six Chair Concert is a variation on a classic Berglas Plot; The Anomaly is a demonstration of the fourth dimension, and The Adept, is a paranormal illusion with your assistant. Two routines are from the Impuzzibilities series, here presented for stand-up performances. Each of these routines will delight you and inspire; they are designed to surprise with simplicity and unexpected secrets, to amaze with the purest form of mystery. The book is 8 1/2 by 11, printed in color, 20 pages plus cover, with 26 line illustrations.

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