Now Is The Time! by Ted Karmilovich


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Over coffee, lunch, or dinner an envelope is placed in full view. At any time during the meal the participant announces that “Now is the time!” The performer states that earlier in the day he wrote out a prediction. He took a non-working watch and set it to the moment he made that prediction. The spectator removes both the prediction and watch from the envelope. The performer has amazingly predicted the exact moment the participant would make her announcement!

Close-up. Stage. Predict other moments. Numerous performance possibilities. No sleights. No electronics. No outside gimmicks. Self-contained. Watch included.

“Pure genius. A GREAT watch prediction. Anytime. Anywhere. And so simple. A masterpiece from the creative mind of Ted K.”
– Neal Scryer

“Convinces anyone they have been part of a psychic experience. Brilliantly conceived. Creates anticipation, builds suspense, and ends with a devastating shock to the participants!”
– Allen Zingg

“A prediction of a moment in time straight from the Twilight Zone.”
– Neal Rider

“An outstanding performance piece for the mentalist, seance, or bizarre worker. It will stun your host and result in a few sleepless nights…”
– Sebastian Black

“A watch effect for the ages. Truly outstanding. Easy to do with excellent impact.”

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