Nudist Deck – Ken Brooke


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Also referred to, as “Mental Photography Deck” the difference is that this package contains the reputation making routine and details created by Ken Brooke. The deck is unquestionably one of the greatest mechanical decks, superior (according to many), to the famous Svengali and Stripper Decks. The Nudist Deck is for the workers and Ken’s routine is for the pros. Some call it the finest routine ever created using a Nudist Deck.

The performer shows a full deck of blank cards – on both sides! Then the fun starts as the routines causes the faces of the cards to show and also the backs of the cards as well -yet the cards can immediately be shown “and at all times” to be blank again! You are reading correctly, it’s not a typo! The cards are under the complete control of the performer and this effect packs a lot of laughs, and even better, is easy to do.


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