Number 7 in the Dusheck Line of Magic Vial-A-Tion


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Airship Magic Mfg. Presents, #7 in the Steve Dusheck Legacy Line of Magic, Vial-A-Tion. We’ve been working Vial-A-Tion for over a year now, and the results were worth it. This is one of my personal favorites. I don’t do much coin magic, but this one I’m going to start carrying with me.

The performer takes out a clear, lidded vial with a normal copper penny inside. The performer removes the trapped penny in the vial and asks the spectator to affix a small label to it and mark the label. The performer then fumbles through his pants or jacket pocket and pulls out a Kennedy Half dollar and place the Penny a top the 1/2 dollar. To completely trap the marked penny the performer then takes the clear vial and places it over top the penny and 1/2 dollar, trapping the penny between the half dollar an inside the vial. Everything is visible to the spectator at all times.

The performer explains the Penny is now trapped, and tells the spectator he will case the marked Penny to vanish. The performer places his hand around the vial and lifts it away, but the signed penny is still there, and instead the Kennedy half dollar has vanished and turned into an English Penny and the marked Penny is still sitting on top of the new coin! The spectator can pick up both coins without the performer ever touching them. The performer can show the vial afterwards without any switching. I’ve tested this on over a dozen spectators and all are amazed, this is truly a visual change. I let the spectator keep the signed Penny as a keepsake sake of the performance.

There are NO difficult sleights, magnets, threads, duplicate coins or duplicate labels used. This is truly visually stunning.  Everything you need is included, including some small round label sheets to get you started. If you like you can have the spectator mark the actual Penny with a Sharpie and skip the labels.

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