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This Will Drive You NUTS!

Pete Biro and Dean Dill have taken the long-forgotten Peripatetic Walnuts of Dai Vernon and turned it into a strong, funny and baffling routine with three walnuts.

It can be done close-up, having eliminated the need for a bottomless glass like the Vernon routine, which was designed for stand-up parlor presentations.

Several routines are included.

The basic plot is simple. You show three walnuts, a glass (not provided), and the bag you carry them in. One by one, each walnut vanishes and appears in the glass (which you provide), covered by the bag.

Very little skill is needed, just a false transfer and your ability to entertain.

The climax is production of a HUGE STEEL NUT. It comes from nowhere, not loaded from your pocket, no palming. It is so simple, thanks to the creative thinking of Dean Dill.

Several knowledgeable magicians, including Michael Weber, Alphonso and David Regal were all nailed with the BIG NUT production.

NUTTY SURPRISE includes all the walnuts needed, the big steel nut, a custom-made burgundy suede bag, a printed book of instructions and routines, a DVD disk with routines and presentation ideas and a humorous “con man” script by Walt Anthony. Use any glass that fits in the bag and a handkerchief of your choice.



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