O.D. (Optical Delusion) (Paterson) (DVD)


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From the creator of Icarus Effect comes this thought provoking, imagination capturing endeavor that will change the way your audience perceives you. Aaron Paterson has once again released one of his most closely guarded secrets to the magic world.

IMAGINE THIS…A spectator’s business card is obtained…That same spectator is asked to think of a playing card out of 52 possibilities…The performer presents his cell phone camera and takes a picture of his own eye…The spectator is asked to gaze into the photo eye… And then… Something inconceivable happens… As the spectator gazes into the pupil of the photo eye, a card enigmatically begins to materialize and subsequently dematerialize only to materialize once again a moment later, permanently altering the photo. The spectator is stunned to find that the card in the photo is actually the card they merely thought of a moment ago. The performer is able to seemingly extract the thought of card from the spectators mind and cause it to appear in the photo.
The spectator abruptly departs uttering profanities…Using the info from the previously obtained business card, the performer actually emails the transformed photo along with his contact info to the spectator from his cell phone (provided his cell phone has that capability). Leaving them his electronic calling card and an unforgettable memory. INCLUDES: Instructional DVD, complimentary access to the exclusive OD forum and free downloads.
• Can be performed with almost any cell phone w/camera
• Can be immediately repeated with a different outcome
• Extremely easy to perform once prepared
• Includes no force variation
• Includes bonus Ideas section that alone is worth the price of the DVD
Shot in high definition and presented in widescreen. NOTE: While the preparation of OD is fairly involved, once prepared OD is easy to perform, practical and ready to go anywhere, anytime. Running Time Approximately 47min.

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