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This Product Crafted by Louie Gaynor – each unit is unique! 

First a piece of history… Lloyd Chambers was a teacher, farmer and magician back in the 40’s and 50’s, and served in the Navy in WWII. He ended up on the west coast and for a short time he worked with Floyd Thayer at Floyd’s shop in Los Angeles. He also created quite a few magical effects and wrote a book on magic for that era.

He created the original, Obedient Ball, while working at Floyd’s shop. A round, solid walnut ball that is approximately 3 inches in diameter with a 7/8-inch round hole in the middle of the ball. There were, at that time, several other versions in the magic world that could accomplish the same effect. But NONE of them allowed a hollow hole to run through the ball from top to bottom—where you could plainly see that there was absolutely nothing inside the hollow ball.

Obedient Ball

The performer then took one of the two handles and threaded it through the ball and let the ball fall up down and then up the cord as easily as you can see. The performer holding the two handles, then asks questions of the ball. “One stop for yes and two stops for no.” The Obedient Ball then stops on command in the middle of the cord with the above appropriate answer! Impossible! This continues for as long as the performer likes and in the end, the cord and handles are taken out of the ball and, once again, the ball is held up for all to see and is again shown that there is nothing inside the middle hole!

The Obedient Ball is made out of black walnut and turned out of one piece of wood. The cord is approximately 3 feet long. Each ball has its own beauty and is different. Each ball has 10 coats of high quality lacquer. Each handle is turned out of walnut. Ball can be inspected. SELF-WORKING! Created by our own master craftsman, Louie Gaynor.  Hand Crafted, each ball is unique and one-of-a-kind!   

“Lloyd Chambers was one of the most important magic mentors of my magic life!” Joe Stevens

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1 review for Obedient Ball – Lloyd Chambers – Thayer

  1. stephane.vecten (verified owner)

    Delighted to have bought this object made by an expert

    Superb wooden realization for collectors

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