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Classic Magic Fabricated Exclusively for Stevens Magic by Gimpy!

The cutest little magic miracle at a very reasonable price! We have had many requests for an Obedient Ball effect for close-up or stand-up—and this is it! Now, we have come up with another version for you to choose from.

The RED block goes DOWN on the string at your command. Can be handed out immediately for inspection and nothing can be found! Why? The SECRET is in the string! Fools all magicians except for Bill Trotter! He figured it out in one evening!

FACT: We recently sold a Thayer version of this in an SME Auction and had so much action on it, we had secured Gimpy to make some for it. This is an effect that still captivates audiences. We had them made in a bright red for strong contrast as we felt the original model, didn’t have the contrast we liked, With this RED color the spectators’ can easily lock on ot the block and watch it as it dives and stops, as desired.

Incredible price for a small piece of quality apparatus. Also available is the larger OBEDIENT BALL.

Made for us by Gimpy! A bargain for a miracle and a wonderful effect. Can carry it in your pocket and be ready at anytime, anywhere!

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