Odyssey By Rodrigo Romano (2 DVD SET) – Estate – Primi

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Rodrigo Romano is the creator of many surprising effects: Gilligan Prediction and Vertigo are just two of them. Now he surprises us once again with his ideas about Loops. Lately, Loops are among the most purchased magic tricks. Rodrigo Romano has been working on them since long ago. In these two DVDs, he presents 27 effects which you will be thrilled to add to your routines. More than two hours of pure magic that will inspire you to return to effects using Loops, or to begin using them. In all routines, only everyday common objects are used — the audience may inspect everything.

Volume 1

Includes two sections, in which Rodrigo Romano presents impossible effects of mentalism and balancing. All tricks are new, provide high impact, and are easy to perform.


Suffering Soul
Ghost Key
Living Dead
On Thumb Finger (3 variants)
On a Cigar (3 variants)
Tensegrity (3 variants)
Volume 2

This volume has three chapters. In them, Rodrigo Romano reveals his own versions of some classic Loops tricks and new ideas on mentalism and telekinesis.

Match Gravity
Sensorial Connection
Phantom Deck
Ghostly Accident
Cord Under a Spell
Mind Skill
Striking Visión
Mental Nut
Lack of Love
Bottle that Falls
Key in Goblet
Ring in Focus
Ghost Oracle
Sunrise (Rising Card)
Disc One Running Time Approximately 56 min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 80 min

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